Hot Topics

  • Snippets (New November 2023) - Create reusable blocks of text to answer frequent questions, then "snip" them into your Slate messages to prospective students, without re-typing.
  • Deliver Message Request Form (New Process September 2023) - Use this new request form to provide query details and schedule a Deliver message you have ready to send.
  • Deliver: Getting Started (September 2023)- Request Deliver set-up, use Templates to create your first messages in Slate Deliver.  
  • Program Dates & Deadlines (August 2023) - Define deadlines in Slate to populate notifications within the app, and optionally prevent late submission and/or send automatic email reminders. 
  • Express Readmission Process (New Process August 2023) - Instructions on the Express Readmission process and how to approve readmission in Reader.

Annual Checklist

Program Records in Slate (review each June/July) - Review application requirements and other information about your program stored in Slate. 

Checking Requirements/Testing the Application- See what your applicants are required to submit and see the application from their perspective.

Working with Applications

Application Fees




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