Applying for Readmission

I was previously enrolled in a University of Minnesota graduate program.
Can I be readmitted?

If you were once enrolled in a UMN graduate program but are no longer active, you must apply for readmission.  Most readmission applications require a $75 Reapplication Fee

How can I be readmitted to my original graduate program?

If your program approves, you may apply for Express Readmission.  This option is only available if you will resume the same degree and same major in which you were previously enrolled.

  • Contact your program to verify that you are eligible for Express Readmission. Individual programs have the discretion to require the online application for any reason.
  • If your program approves, download and complete an Express Readmission Form, then submit it to your graduate program for signature.
  • Submit the signed Readmission Application to the Graduate School Admissions Office.
  • If your Readmission Application requires a fee, Admissions Office staff will contact you via email with payment instructions.

How can I be readmitted to a different graduate program than my original?

Students who wish to return to a different major or different degree level must use the online application.

  • Contact your program of interest to determine your application requirements, deadlines, and whether additional materials (such as GRE scores or recommendation letters) are required.
  • Access the online application and create a new account.
  • Complete the application according to your program's instructions.  
  • Pay the $75 Reapplication Fee, then submit the application.