To complement in-person events and workshops, the Graduate School gives you GEAR. The online tools in GEAR focus on every phase of your academic and professional development.

As your vision of the future progresses, so too do complexities and expectations of your graduate education. Whether you aspire for a career in academia or an industry beyond campus, GEAR highlights:

  • What it means to be a successful graduate student
  • The dissertation/thesis process
  • Components of the career search
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Developed by the Graduate School, GEAR 1 (Graduate Education Resources for the First Year) is a collection of online modules that helps students navigate their first year of graduate education. GEAR 1 modules include: 

  • Welcome to the University
  • Minnesota Life
  • Funding and Tuition
  • Being a Graduate Student
  • Your Health and Wellness
  • Planning After Year 1

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Developed by the Graduate School, GEAR+ (Graduate Education Resources Beyond the First Year) is a collection of online resources, both internal and external to the University, that connect key areas of academic and professional development, including:

  • Using an Individual Development Plan (IDP) as a networking tool
  • Writing, communicating, and the dissertation/thesis process
  • Career Discernment and exploring career pathways

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