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Duluth might be the fourth most-populated city in Minnesota, but it still feels like a small-town thanks to the vast, evergreen forests that surround the city and its proximity to breathtaking Lake Superior–Earth’s largest freshwater lake.

It’s no wonder why Outside Magazine named Duluth the "Best Town in America" in 2014, but it’s just as easy to enjoy museums, restaurants and live music as it is to hike, ski, or kayak.

At the Duluth campus, graduate students have access to innovative, advanced facilities and opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research, scholarship, and creative activity in a close-knit, collegial environment, working side by side with an active community of faculty researchers.

The Heikkila Chemistry and Advanced Materials Science Building, under construction
The Heikkila Chemistry and
Advanced Materials Science
Building is under construction
and will open in August 2019.

Graduate School Services at the Duluth Campus

Our students ask the uncomfortable questions, challenge assumptions, and embrace the unknown. They’re the catalysts of change who push those around them to expect more and settle less. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with the resources and support you need to find the right graduate program, deepen your knowledge, develop your professional skills, and complete your degree with pride.


  • 25+ graduate programs
  • A culture of interdisciplinary collaboration​
  • High research achievement not common among its peers
  • Low student-to-faculty ratio fosters personalized, hands-on experience


  • Acts as the primary point of contact for Duluth students, faculty, and staff with questions related to graduate education, from application to graduation.
  • Provides quality oversight and implementation of Graduate School and Duluth campus graduate education policies and processes​.
  • Supports and promotes graduate education initiatives for the Duluth campus.

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