Graduate School Essentials for Doctoral Students 

Graduate School Essentials provides a framework for understanding what is expected of doctoral students at every phase of grad school. If grad school is a journey, Graduate School Essentials meets you where you are, and points you in the right direction.

How to navigate

Graduate School Essentials begins with a First Steps Checklist that contains key critical information you need to know at every phase of graduate school. You can then navigate your way to Graduate School Essentials for STEM and for Humanities and Social Sciences

First Steps Checklist

Make sure you are familiar with our First Steps Checklist at every phase of grad school. The more you understand on the First Steps Checklist, the more prepared you'll be. 

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Get to know your program/department culture

  • If available, bookmark/download your program’s student handbook, intranet page/website, and events calendar.
  • Know the answer to “who in my program/department do I go to if …”
  • Attend your program/department’s annual orientations and info sessions to make sure you are on top of program/departmental policy changes.

Map out your course prerequisites, exams, and degree milestones

Find assistantship employment and search for funding sources

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