Graduate School Diversity Office Summer Institute

Grad School Diversity Office Summer Institute

The Graduate School Diversity Office (GSDO) Summer Institute provides seven weeks of research opportunity for newly-admitted graduate students.

2023 Summer Institute: JULY 10 – AUGUST 25, 2023 (in-person)

Program Description:

The Graduate School Diversity Office (GSDO) Summer Institute (SI) provides a seven week summer bridge program, on the Twin Cities campus, for newly-admitted UMN-TC graduate students.

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Recipients of the Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) Fellowship and select newly-admitted domestic graduate students of color who are awarded fellowships through their college or department can participate when nominated by their Director of Graduate Studies. Each participant receives a $4,000 stipend and (optional) health insurance coverage over the summer provided by their graduate program or department.

Program Components:

  • Orientation to the GSDO and UMN-TC community and services
  • Weekly seminars on acclimating to and successfully navigating graduate school
  • Social activities with SI Peer Mentors and SI Cohort community building
  • Research with a Faculty Mentor (who is identified by the student prior to the start of SI)
    • This may entail joining an existing research project, beginning the first steps of a new research project, performing a literature review for a potential future research project, etc.
    • SI students are not expected to start and complete an entire research project during the seven weeks, rather this is an opportunity to gain research experience in preparation for the work they will do in their graduate programs
  • Short research paper and presentation
  • Community engagement and GSDO activities during 2023-2024 academic year

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Information for Programs & Departments

Recording of 2023 Summer Institute Info Session for DGSs and GPCs: (passcode: s^y5=vFS)

Programs and departments who would like to fund eligible graduate students to participate in SI 2023, please fill out a Summer Institute Nominee Form for each nominee. We will accept nominations until May 1, 2023. DOVE Fellowship recipients do not need to submit a nomination form and are guaranteed a spot in SI if they apply by the priority deadline of April 19, 2023. 

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Eligible students are: 1) Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) Fellowship recipients; 2) domestic students of color in research-based programs who have received a 1st year fellowship and are attending the Twin Cities campus.

Please note, graduate students in programs on the Duluth campus are not eligible for SI.

SI Administrative Process

When the Graduate School Diversity Office (GSDO) has approved a nominee's eligibility, a Summer Institute staff member will email the potential applicant(s) the SI Participant Application Form. The GPC and/or DGS will be notified when we send the SI Participant Application Form to the potential SI Participant(s). For SI 2023, we are accepting up to 30 SI Participants.

All DOVE Fellowship recipients are guaranteed a spot in SI if they apply by the priority deadline of April 19, 2023. All other applicants are accepted on a first-come first-served basis.

If your student(s) has been accepted into SI 2023, GPCs and/or DGSs will be notified by Maija Brown, Assistant Director Transition and Retention. In order to alleviate the administrative burden to departments, the Summer Institute requests that all payments to SI participants be handled through our payroll system. GPCs and/or DGSs will receive detailed instructions for chartstring funds transfer in early June from Trae Larson, GSDO Office Manager (

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