How Do I Check the Status of My Application?

Log in to the application status page to view the status of your graduate application(s). 

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In Progress- Awaiting Submission

Applications with this status have not been submitted. Open your application status page to continue working with an application in progress.

Awaiting Payment

You have submitted your application and cannot make any changes, but payment is still pending. Applications in this status are NOT fully submitted and will not undergo review. Open your application status page to pay and complete the submission process.

Submitted- Awaiting Decision

Your program is reviewing your application. Each program has a different timeline for their review process; Graduate Admissions is unable to provide information about the decision timeline.  For specific information, contact your program.

To view the status of your recommendations and test scores, open you application status page.


You will receive an email alerting you when your application status updates to DecidedOpen your application status page to view the decision letter.