Two Cities. Endless Opportunities. 

Minneapolis-St. Paul is a major metropolitan area surrounded by the beautiful wilderness we lovingly refer to as “up north.”

We’re the home of Fortune 500 companies like Target, Best Buy, 3M, Cargill, and United Healthcare, but we also consistently rank as two of the happiest and healthiest cities in the U.S. thanks to our thriving bicycle culture, sprawling parks, and storied lakes. It’s no secret that we get the full winter experience here, but that doesn’t mean we go into hibernation.

We embrace the season with open arms—whether it’s on the ski slopes, lacing up our skates, or heading to one of the countless winter festivals to sip cocoa and savor some award-winning cuisine.

Minneapolis lake and downtown skyline
Minnesota may be known as
the "Land of 10,000 Lakes,"
but it actually boasts 11,842 l
akes of more than 10 acres!

Graduate School Services at the Twin Cities Campus

The future belongs to the bold, the fearless, and the curious. It waits for those who would endeavor to push the boundaries of what we know and seek to understand that which we don’t. Throughout your journey, we’ll provide you with ongoing academic and professional development opportunities, access to fellowships and grants, and graduate programs that exceed educational expectations.

Tomorrow is yours, and we’ll help you prepare for it today.


  • Acts as the primary point of contact for students, faculty, and staff with questions related to graduate education, from application to graduation
  • Provides quality oversight and implementation of Graduate School and Twin Cities campus graduate education policies and processes​
  • Supports and promotes graduate education initiatives for the Twin Cities campus


  • Award-winning library system & access to the latest research tools and equipment
  • Gopher Way heated tunnel system connects nearly every corner of the campus
  • Just 15 minutes away from theaters, concert venues, sports stadiums, and an international airport