Funding Your Graduate Studies

Fellowships, grants, research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and loans provide the most common forms of support for graduate students. 

Your graduate program's Director of Graduate Studies will offer guidance finding the resources you need to finance your graduate education. In addition, your employer may offer tuition reimbursement.

How Much Do Graduate Programs Cost?

Tuition costs vary by school year and are based on the number of credits you plan to take. Students who are residents of Minnesota or who live in an area with reciprocity agreements are eligible for reduced tuition costs compared to non-residents.

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Loans & Tuition

Your financial well-being is essential to your academic success. If you are a degree-seeking domestic graduate student, you are eligible to apply for financial aid and primarily loans to help pay for graduate school.

After you have completed your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), visit the University’s One Stop Student Services, which provides services and resources that help you understand your costs and the resources available to help you pay and successfully manage your money.

Fellowship Dates & Deadlines

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Research & Teaching Assistantships

Researching and teaching assistantships are available to students at the University so that while pursuing an advanced degree, the University employs you to teach and conduct research.

You have several ways to find an assistantship:

  • Your graduate program may offer you an assistantship as part of your admission and acceptance to a graduate degree program.
  • Check departmental newsletters, bulletin boards, emails, etc., for internally posted positions.
  • Visit the University student job search page to search and apply for open positions.
  • Network within departments and with current and former professors. 
  • Utilize the Graduate Assistant Employment Office to find assistantships that you are eligible for and application requirements.

Contact the Fellowship Office

Marie Monter, Associate Director of Graduate Fellowships & Awards

612.625.7579 |

Fellowship Opportunities

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Explore and stay up to date on fellowship opportunities for prospective, incoming, and current students.

The Graduate School administers a number of University-wide fellowships and grants:


Fellowships offer graduate students the opportunity to fund their academic journey or research endeavors without the work requirements of an assistantship or debt payments of a student loan.


The Graduate School administers a number of University-wide fellowships and grants for currently enrolled students, based on academic merit. In addition, the Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards coordinates the application process for Fulbright Awards, supports the University's recipients of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, and manages the Bridging Funds program to supplement external fellowships. 


A number of fellowships and grants require that students be nominated by their program. Explore and stay up to date on current and future opportunities.