What is a Postdoctoral Scholar?

A postdoctoral scholar at the University of Minnesota is an individual who has received a doctoral degree (or equivalent) and is in a temporary and defined period of mentored advanced training to enhance their professional  and research skills.

What Types of Postdoctoral Opportunities Are Available?

At the University of Minnesota, there are two types of postdoctoral scholar appointments:  

Postdoctoral Fellow 

Postdoctoral fellow appointments are for persons receiving a fellowship or training award granting a stipend and allowing for advanced study or research. The University of Minnesota offers postdoctoral training programs in a variety of academic fields including biological sciences, health sciences, food, agricultural and natural resource sciences, and higher education (see list of opportunities)

Postdoctoral Associate

Postdoctoral associates are academic employees who conduct research, teach, or provide service that enhances career skills or allows for opportunities to learn new research or teaching techniques. For information about postdoctoral associate opportunities at the University of Minnesota, please check with collegiate units or Human Resources.

What to Consider in Selecting a Postdoctoral Training Program

A prospective postdocs guide to choosing a postdoc.

Postdoctoral Handbook

The Postdoctoral Handbook is a guide for incoming and existing Postdocs for navigating their time at the University of Minnesota.

screenshot of the Postdoctoral Handbook cover

President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship 

The University of Minnesota has joined the University of California Partnership for Faculty Diversity to invite outstanding scholars interested in faculty and research careers.

The University of Minnesota is pleased to offer postdoctoral fellowship opportunities in disciplines represented at the university, coupled with faculty mentoring, professional development, and academic networking opportunities. For more information, click here.

Postdoctoral Training Programs at the University of Minnesota