11. 16. 2021


Vrishali Salian

The Graduate School announces the winners of the 6th Annual Three-Minute Thesis Competition

Vrishali Salian, a doctoral student in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics program took home the First Place Award at the event on Friday, November 12. Salian will represent the University of Minnesota at the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS) 3-Minute Thesis competition in Spring 2022.

Doctoral student Walter Wu from the College of Liberal Arts - Psychology program received the Second Place Award and the People's Choice award.

The Three-Minute Thesis Competition challenges graduate students to present their research in just 180 seconds, in a way that can be understood by an intelligent audience with no background in the subject. This competition helps our graduate students develop presentation and communication skills; the benefits of preparing for a three-minute thesis competition are valuable regardless of career path, degree objective, or discipline. Participants are allowed to refer to one, static slide during their presentations, but may not use any other props or media.

Special thanks goes to this year's judges:

  • Dylan Galos, Ph.D., Senior Evaluator, Minnesota Department of Health
  • Sue Gens, Executive Director, Minnesota State Arts Board
  • Mike O. Kenyanya, U of MN Regent, Consulting Analyst, Accenture
  • Mark Kief, Ph.D., Senior Director and Technologist, Seagate Technology
  • Yagna Pathak, Ph.D., Staff Research Scientist, Applied Research, Abbott Neuromodulation

Watch all of the participants' presentations:

Courtney Boucher, Doctoral student

Who hires women coaches? Holding athletic directors accountable

Kinesiology, College of Education & Human Development

Katie Cassidy, Masters student

Environmental Impacts of the Application of Potassium Acetate as a Deicer

Water Resources Science, Duluth Campus

Yaling Liu, Doctoral Student

Transparent Solar Panel: Luminescent Solar Concentrator

Mechanical Engineering, College of Science & Engineering

Marissa Milstein, Doctoral Student

Understanding Pathogen Spillover from Wildlife to Humans in the Amazon

Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine

Taz Mueller, Doctoral Student

Using Leaf Microbes to Untangle the Five Drivers of Community Assembly

Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, College of Biological Sciences

Jack Rabe, MASTERS Student

Age Isn’t Just a Number: Why Different Predators Killing Different Elk Matters

Conservation Sciences, College of Food, Agricultural & Natural Resource Sciences

Zack Roloff, Doctoral Student

Disrupting the Super-Relaxed State of Myosin through Physical Activity

Rehabilitation Science, Medical School

Vrishali Salian, Doctoral Student

Identifying Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease: An Attempt to Color Lives

Pharmaceutics, College of Pharmacy

Walter Wu, Doctoral Student

Pandemic, Visual Impairment, and Social Isolation

Psychology, College of Liberal Arts

Watch the competition in its entirety

Regent Her

3MT: Recognition of Regent Her

The Graduate School recognizes and honors former UMN Regent Kao Ly Ilean Her, who passed away earlier this year from complications due to COVID-19, for her support  of the University-wide Three-Minute Thesis competition. 

Regent Her was a passionate supporter of graduate education and a tireless  advocate of fostering an inclusive culture that values the diversity of the University community. She  served as a judge for both the 2019 and 2020 Three-Minute Thesis competitions. In addition to her support of the 3MT competition, Regent Her participated in numerous Graduate School events to celebrate the achievements of graduate students from diverse backgrounds. We are grateful for the contributions Regent Her made to graduate education and to the entire University community. She is sorely missed.