A Vision for Veterinary Education

Michael Congiusta and a large black dog

In their second year, University of Minnesota veterinary students are introduced to dental basics. And while for most students practice makes perfect, Michael Congiusta’s experience left him feeling a step was missing between class and lab. So he created models of the teeth of canines so students could practice basic dental skills.

The Ninja Warrior Entomologist

Eric Middleton posing in a flower garden with a variety of bugs crawling on him

As a youngster, Eric Middleton used to tag along with his mom on her field trips as a geologist to southern Utah. There, he remembers “climbing on rocks and hopping over stuff” until, as always happens with kids, he got bored. Then he turned his gaze downward to discover the wide world of insects, and he figuratively caught a bug that’s been dominating his life ever since.