03. 18. 2024

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the 2024-2025 Endowed Fellowship Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of a Graduate School Endowed Fellowship for this academic year!


The Dosdall Fellowship supports women graduate students in any field of the natural or physical sciences who show exceptional promise for a successful career in research. Louise Dosdall entered the University of Minnesota in 1912 and completed her Ph.D. in 1922. An expert on mushrooms and ornamental plants, she taught plant pathology at the University of Minnesota for 41 years. She established the fellowship in her will.

Gabriela Hidrobo

Graduate Program: Applied Plant Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Julie Grossman
Research: Nourishing the Soil: Decoding Microbial Responses to Spring-Planted Cover Crops

Caitlin Lichtenfels

Graduate Program: Medicinal Chemistry
Advisor: Dr. Carston Wagner
Research: Farnesylated Chemically Self-Assembled Nanorings for Cell Based Drug Delivery


The Leonard Memorial Fellowship supports graduate students who conduct study/research in film history, criticism, theory, or aesthetics. The fund was established by the will of Clara Lefkovits in honor of her son, Harold Leonard.

Daniel Aufmann

Graduate Program: Comparative Literature
Advisor: Dr. Maggie Hennefeld
Research: Silent Suffragists: American Cinema and the Women’s Suffrage Movement, 1900-1920

Nina Peterson

Graduate Program: Art History
Advisor: Dr. Jane Blocker
Research: Ridiculous Contraptions: American Art, Humor, and Machine Technology to Effect Social Change, 1954-1975


The Torske Klubben Fellowship supports graduate students who have an interest in or connection to Norway and/or its culture. The Torske Klubben, founded in 1933, is a Minneapolis luncheon club of Norwegian heritage who is deeply interested in Norway and Norwegian-American history and relationships. The overarching goal of the fellowship program is to support future leaders.

Elin Amundson

Graduate Program: Social Work
Advisor: Dr. Jessica Toft

Maicy Vossen

Graduate Program: Applied Plant Sciences
Advisor: Drs. Walid Sadok, Eric Watkins