Effective mentorship enhances relationships between faculty and graduate students and trainees, yielding success for both individuals and programs. 

Resources for Effective Advising and Mentoring of Graduate Students and Trainees

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Resources for Effective Advising and Mentoring of Graduate Students and Trainees

Principles and Values of Academic Advising and Mentoring

Explore The Dignity Project, which offers resources for improving advising and mentoring of graduate and professional students such as Graduate Student Advising Guide and Best Advising Practices.


Learning About Unacceptable and Egregious Faculty Behavior

Advising Statement

Create or update your advising statement and share it with prospective or current students and trainees using these resources:

Look at advising statement examples.

Collaborating with Students and Trainees

Learn about six ways faculty can support graduate students.

Read about recommendations from trainees to improve science training.

Learn about advising and mentoring international graduate students.

Watch videos on faculty and student perspectives on the advising relationship. 

Explore and encourage students and trainees to use academic and career planning tools and develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to make short and long-term goals.

Supporting Students’ and Trainees’ Well-being

Use the Red Folder to indicate and respond to signs of distress in your students and trainees. 

Consult with the Behavioral Consultation Team if you are concerned that a student’s behavior might represent a potential to harm to the student or others.

Connect your students and trainees with counseling services

Refer your students and trainees to the UMN food pantry resources and SNAP benefits information.

Address the unique challenges and opportunities to support international student’s well-being, consult the Advisor Guide and Staff Resource Guide for international graduate students. 

Connect students and trainees with children with Student Parent Help Center.


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