"Toward Inclusivity," produced by the Graduate School in 2019, shares the experiences and viewpoints of some of the University of Minnesota's graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. 

The purpose of this project is to encourage the University of Minnesota community – students, faculty & staff – to engage in authentic and sometimes difficult discussions about diversity on our campus. 

The voices in this video reflect some of the most pressing issues currently experienced by our graduate students and postdocs as they navigate the University. They represent many forms of diversity, including racial and ethnic identity, disability, gender, sexual orientation, as well as the intersectionality of identities.

We encourage you to view the reflection questions and resources that are provided throughout the video. We also invite you to contact the Graduate School Diversity Office if you would like to discuss ways in which the Graduate School can support your college or program in its efforts to create a more inclusive environment for all.

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The entire video is approximately 26 minutes long; however, you may wish to view only specific topics (see below).

Toward Inclusivity: Themes

Toward Inclusivity: Introduction

Teaching & Learning

Being an Undocumented Graduate Student

Sexual Harassment & Gender Bias

Mental Health

Financial Support

Imposter Syndrome

The Intersection of Identities


Invisible & Visible Disabilities

Closing Remarks