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Community of Scholars Program Writing Initiative

About the Writing Initiative

The writing initiative supports Community of Scholars Program (COSP) scholars through individual writing consultations, small writing groups, workshops, Research Share, and Shut Up & Write! retreats.

Writing Resources

Shut Up & Write!

COSP scholars come together to be productive writers in a quiet, accountable community. Scholars bring their laptops and any writing projects they need to work on. We supply coffee and snacks.

Small Writing Groups 

Taking the student’s availability into account, these small writing groups are arranged throughout the academic year to encourage community and accountability among COSP writers.


COSP scholars seeking support with their academic writing can make 50-minute appointments with the Writing Program Coordinator to discuss higher order concerns of their writing projects.


The COSP provides workshops led by U of M staff and faculty to advise COSP students on academic writing and publishing.

Research Share: Student Speaker Series

This is a COSP-scholar led speaker series where selected students share their research with an attentive audience of COSP scholars. Speakers and attendees have the opportunity to discuss their research and get feedback to advance and perfect their work in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. This is a perfect opportunity to practice prelim presentation, conference papers, and job talks.

Who We Are: Writing Initiative Staff

Maija Brown, COSP Writing Initiative Coordinator

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