11. 01. 2022

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the 2023 Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award Winners

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2023 Distinguished Master's Thesis Award! A recipient from each category – mathematics, physical sciences & engineering and social sciences – is chosen by faculty from the broad disciplinary area. The award recognizes distinguished scholarship and research at the master’s level.

Victoria Fringer

Victoria Fringer 

Chemistry, University of Minnesota Duluth
Advisor(s): Melissa Maurer-Jones, Jacob Wainman

Category: Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Engineering

“Environmental Impacts of Nanoplastics and Plastic Additives on Model Bacteria Shewanella oneidensis” & “Development and Assessment of a Revised General Chemistry Laboratory Course to Introduce Inquiry-Based Learning”


Emma Worthley

Emma Worthley

Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Advisor(s): Jason Wolff

Category: Social Sciences

“Sensory Responsivity as a Predictor of Adaptive Behavior Development in Toddlers At-Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders”

Victoria from the Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Engineering category and Emma from the Social Sciences category are nominated by the University of Minnesota to the national 2023 MAGS/ProQuest Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award competition.