06. 05. 2020

2020-2021 Doctoral Dissertation Fellows Announced

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the 2020-2021 Doctoral Dissertation Fellows. The Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (DDF) gives the University's most accomplished PhD candidates an opportunity to devote full-time effort to an outstanding research project by providing time to finalize and write a dissertation during the fellowship year. The award includes a stipend of $25,000 for the academic year (September-May), tuition for up to 14 thesis credits each semester (Fall & Spring), and subsidized health insurance through the Graduate Assistant Health Plan. Congratulations!

Aliza Abraham

Mechanical Engineering
The effect of dynamic operation and incoming flow on the wake of a utility-scale wind turbine
Advisor(s): Jiarong Hong   

Anna Amramina

History of Science, Technology and Medicine
A Common Language of the Earth: U.S.-Soviet Collaboration in Earth Sciences
Advisor(s): Susan Jones and Sally Kohlstedt 

Derek Batiste

Sustainable Aliphatic Polyesters: Competitive, Bio-derived, and Degradable Materials of Tomorrow
Advisor(s): Marc Hillmyer  

Kelsie Becklin

Comparative and Molecular Biosciences
Modeling Ewing Sarcoma with Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Advisor(s): Branden Moriarity and Beau Webber

Hannah Berg

Deciding which fears to face: Identifying neural predictors of maladaptive avoidance in clinical anxiety and PTSD
Advisor(s): Shmuel Lissek  

Lauren Bersie Larson

Biomedical Engineering
Understanding the Role of Extracellular Matrix Mechanics in Cancer Cell Migration
Advisor(s): Victor Barocas and Paolo Provenzano  

Ellen Candler

Conservation Sciences
The Extent That Hunter Derived Food Sources Influence the Consumer Community
Advisor(s): Joseph Bump  

Angela Carlson

Using azides to form nitrogen heterocycles and selective bromodomain inhibitors
Advisor(s): Joseph Topczewski 

Fletcher Carlson

Mechanical Engineering
Increased Renewable Electricity Generation using Thermal Storage
Advisor(s): Jane Davidson   

Maria Jose Carreras Valle

Multistage Production under Trade Policy Uncertainty
Advisor(s): Timothy Kehoe   

Jesus David Castano Uruena

Bioproducts & Biosystems Science, Eng & Mgt
Unraveling a fungal mechanism for safely using oxygen radicals to decompose plant tissues
Advisor(s): Jonathan Schilling    

Xin Chen

Land and Atmospheric Science
Understanding the fuels of atmospheric chemistry: Comprehensive analyses of volatile organic compounds (VOC) measured from aircraft missions in the past decade
Advisor(s): Dylan Millet         

Kate Ciampa

Building a low-mass tracker and a deep learning pattern recognition system to search for charged lepton flavor violation in the Mu2e experiment
Advisor(s): Ken Heller

Mathia Colwell

Animal Sciences
Intergenerational Effects of Arsenic Exposure on the Mouse Epigenome
Advisor(s): Chris Faulk   

Ryan Daley

Palladium and Gold Catalyzed Decarboxylative Aryl Functionalization Reactions
Advisor(s): Joseph Topczewski    

Nisarg Desai

Do chimpanzee pant-hoot calls signal group membership or male quality?
Advisor(s): Michael Wilson      

Anand Divakaran

Medicinal Chemistry
Development and Cellular Evaluation of Selective N-Terminal Bromodomain and Extra Terminal (BET) Family Bromodomain Inhibition
Advisor(s): William Pomerantz and Daniel Harki

Molly Driessen

Social Work
Student Stories of Resilience after Campus Sexual Assault
Advisor(s): Lynette Renner 

Julia Early

Fragmentation Kinetics of Block Copolymer Micelles in Ionic Liquids
Advisor(s): Timothy Lodge 

Evan Ellison

Plant Biological Sciences
RNA viral vectors and mobile sgRNAs for heritable gene editing in plants
Advisor(s): Daniel Voytas 

Mary Foltz

Rehabilitation Science
The Role of the Intervertebral Disc Morphology on Curve Progression in Adolescents with Idiopathic Scoliosis
Advisor(s): Arin Ellingson  

Xiaojun Fu

Quantum transport in two-dimensional electron systems
Advisor(s): Michael Zudov      

Sarah Garcia

Trends in Disability among Working-Age Americans: The Role of Labor Force Changes
Advisor(s): Rob Warren      

McKinley Green

Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Comm
Participation and Resistance: Queering User Experience for HIV mHealth Technology Design
Advisor(s): Patrick Bruch 

Bin Guo

Statistical Methods and Computational Tools for Integrative Analysis of Multi-source Multi-way Data
Advisor(s): Baolin Wu and Lynn / Eric Eberly / Lock

Yiwang Guo

The development of drugs with optimal therapeutic performance aided by an artificial stomach and duodenum
Advisor(s): Changquan Calvin Sun

Maria Heath

Tweeting Out Loud: Typographical Tone of Voice on Social Media
Advisor(s): Claire Halpert and Brian Reese

Younkyung Hong

Education, Curriculum and Instruction
A Phenomenological Exploration of the Hegemonic Insider-Outsider in Teacher Education
Advisor(s): Mark Vagle and Annie Mason

Sheng-Yin (Dima) Huang

Novel Receptors and Polymers for the Treatment of Hyperphosphatemia
Advisor(s): Valerie Pierre

Kathryn Huether

Centering the Sonic: Voice and Affect in Holocaust Memory, Memorials, and Museums
Advisor(s): Karen Painter

Bomi Jeon

Looking through the Everyday: Space, Time, and Experience in British Fiction and Cinema After 1940
Advisor(s): Siobhan Craig

Emily Jesser

Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology
Disruption of JAK/STAT signaling enhances macrophage-mediated tumor-promoting signals within the breast tumor microenvironment
Advisor(s): Kathryn Schwertfeger

SeungGyeong Ji

Feminist Studies
Consoling the Soul: Abortion, Religion, and the Population Control Regime in South Korea (1974-2019)
Advisor(s): Susan Craddock and Richa Nagar

Jason Jones

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, & Biophysics
Structural Enzomolgy of soluble Methane Monooxygenase Substrate Regulation
Advisor(s): John Lipscomb

Lisa Kaler

Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Dev
The Construction of Suicide: A Critical Analysis of University and Student Suicide Discourses
Advisor(s): Karen Miksch     

Adam Kaplan

Informing Bayesian Inference with Context-Driven Prior Distributions in the Context of Genome-Wide Association Studies, Medical Device Adaptive Clinical Trials, and Imaging Genetics
Advisor(s): Eric Lock and Mark Fiecas

Kaveh Khaliji

Electrical Engineering
Gas Sensing via Graphene Plasmons
Advisor(s): Tony Low       

Brittany Krzyzanowski

Sharing Fine Resolution Protected Health Information: Using Regionalization to create HIPAA Compliant Aggregations
Advisor(s): Steve Manson and Michael Oakes   

Siu Yi Kwang

Chemical Physics
Understanding Photovoltaics with Spatially-offset Femtosecond Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy
Advisor(s): Renee Frontiera 

Ian Lane

Conserving the diversity and heterogeneity of prairie bee communities through ecological restoration
Advisor(s): Daniel Cariveau 

Tatiana Lenskaia

Biomedical Info and Comp Biol
Scalable computational methods for exploring virus-host interactions
Advisor(s): Dan Boley   

Yan Li

Computer Science
Eco-routing for Next Generation Navigation Apps: A Spatial Big Data Approach
Advisor(s): Shashi Shekhar

Siyu Li

Political Science
Norms and Legitimacy of the U.S. Supreme Court in the Age of Polarization
Advisor(s): Timothy Johnson   

Wei-Han Lin

Biomedical Engineering
3D Bioprinted Myocardial Tissue as a Testbed for Medical Devices and Drugs
Advisor(s): Brenda Ogle        

En-Chih Liu

Allylic Azides: A Divergent Building Blocks for Heterocycles
Advisor(s): Joseph Topczewski

Runchao Liu

Communication Studies
Sounding Orientalism: Sonic Affect, Musical Radicals, and Countercultural Troubles
Advisor(s): Gilbert Rodman      

Arash Mahnan

Wearable non-invasive neuromodulation technology for the symptomatic treatment of the voice disorder spasmodic dysphonia
Advisor(s): Juergen Konczak

Ryan Mahutga

Biomedical Engineering
Understanding the Aorta in Health and Disease: Coupling Experiments in Mice with Computational Models of Growth
Advisor(s): VIctor Barocas   

Corinne Mathieu

Education, Curriculum and Instruction
Redesigning Materials for Content and Language Integration in Secondary Immersion: A Design-Based Research Study
Advisor(s): Diane Tedick   

Ryan Matzke

Minimization of Repulsive-Attractive Energies on Compact Manifolds
Advisor(s): Dmitriy Bilyk

Eddah Mburu

Incidence patterns, care continuum and impact of treatment on survival among breast cancer patients in Ghana and the United States (US).
Advisor(s): Shalini Kulasingam and Beth Virnig     

Daniel McDonough

Effect of YouTube-Delivered Health Education on Overweight/Obese College Students' Physical Activity and Health: A 12-week Randomized Controlled Trial
Advisor(s): Zan Gao        

Margaret McEachran

Conservation Sciences
Assessing the risk of fish pathogen introduction via the release of live baitfish by recreational anglers
Advisor(s): Nicholas Phelps 

Keavy McFadden

Schools for Sale: Contested Geographies of Education, Finance, & Governance in Chicago
Advisor(s): Vinay Gidwani  

Hannah McVeigh

Political Science
Representation in State Legislatures: Race, Gender, and Cosponsorship
Advisor(s): Kathryn Pearson 

Alyssa Merbler

Educational Psychology
Validating Movement-Based Sleep Assessment in Cerebral Palsy
Advisor(s): Frank Symons

Kathleen Miley

A Data-Driven Approach to Identify the Brain and Cognitive Mechanisms of Social Functioning in Health and Early Schizophrenia.
Advisor(s): Fang Yu and Niloufar Hadidi

Jamie Mosel

Natural Resources Science and Management
Drought, Forest Management, and Climate Adaptation in North-central Minnesota
Advisor(s): Matthew Russell and Rebecca Montgomery

Devika Narayan

Between the Cloud and a Hard Place: A Study of Creative Destruction in the Age of Digital Platforms.
Advisor(s): Michael Goldman and Rachel Schurman

Eric Nazareno

Plant Pathology
A look into both worlds: finding new sources of oat crown rust resistance and discovering virulence factors in Puccinia coronata f.sp. avenae
Advisor(s): Melania Figueroa and Shahryar Kianian   

Amy Nippert

Regulation of Blood Flow in the Brains of Diabetic Mice
Advisor(s): Eric Newman       

Jaclyn Noshay

Plant Biological Sciences
Uncovering the Genetics and Epigenetics of the Maize Genome
Advisor(s): Nathan Springer 

William Nunn

Chemical Engineering
The direct conversion of heat to electricity using fast switching of ferroelectric oxides
Advisor(s): Bharat Jalan   

Ryan O’Dell

Music Theory
The Analysis of Multimedia through the Lens of Music Theory: A Model for Analyzing the Interaction of Auditory, Visual, and Narrative Stimuli in Multimediatic Artforms
Advisor(s): Sumanth Gopinath

Kristi Oeding

Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Customizing Speech in Noise Programs for Optimum Intelligibility and Comfort
Advisor(s): Peggy Nelson and Evelyn Davies-Venn  

Ryan Oto

Education, Curriculum and Instruction
"Why work here? This place is so ghetto": Portraits of teaching with and for racial justice in an urban school
Advisor(s): J.B. Mayo

Bruno Poggi Cevallos

Schrodinger Operator: Optimal Decay of Fundamental Solutions and Boundary Value Problems
Advisor(s): Svitlana Mayboroda  

Nithya Rajan

Feminist Studies
The Politics of Labor, Livelihood, and Living: Afghan Refugee Women’s Experiences in India
Advisor(s): Richa Nagar and Sima Shakhsari  

 Joshua Reno

Classical and Near Eastern Studies
Holy Obscenity: Sexual Invective in the Pauline Corpus
Advisor(s): Stephen Ahearne-Kroll and Melissa Sellew 

Rebeca Rodriguez

SERS Detection of Food Contaminants with Linear Polymer Affinity Agents
Advisor(s): Christy Haynes        

Omme (Leila) Saberi

Earth Sciences
Impacts of Glacier Retreat on Water and Ecological Resources in a Warming World
Advisor(s): Crystal Ng  

Alireza Sadeghi

Electrical Engineering
Scalable learning robust to uncertainties and adversaries with applications in cyber-physical systems
Advisor(s): Georgios Giannakis 

Oscar Camilo Salgado Barrero

Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology
Understanding mechanisms of immune tolerance
Advisor(s): Kristin Hogquist  

Joseph Sannicandro

Comparative Studies In Discourse and Society
Impossible Spaces: The Problem of Mediation in Italian Aesthetics and Politics, 1967-1983
Advisor(s): Laurie Ouellette and Michael Gallope   

Agnès Schaffauser

Figures of the Migrant: Ethics and Aesthetics in Francophone Literature and Cinema
Advisor(s): Hakim Abderrezak and Ioana Vartolomei Pribiag

Megan Schmit

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, & Biophysics
Genetic mechanisms driving natural killer cell deficiency
Advisor(s): Anja Bielinsky 

Daniel Schubring

Exploring Hidden Corners of Sigma Models
Advisor(s): Mikhail Shifman

Craig See

Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
Effects of mycorrhizal fungi on ecosystem carbon and nitrogen cycling
Advisor(s): Sarah Hobbie and Peter Kennedy 

Andrei Semenov

Child Psychology
Improving Child Executive Functions Through Parent/Child Interactions
Advisor(s): Peggy Nelson and Evelyn Davies-VennPhil Zelazo  

Haram Seo

Business Administration
Who creates the norm?: Evidence from corporate philanthropy in contentious social issues
Advisor(s): Aseem Kaul and Jiao Luo  

Leah Shepard-Carey

Education, Curriculum and Instruction
Sustaining Multilingualism and Diverse Ways of Sensemaking: Exploring the Possibilities of Multilingual Literacy Pedagogies with Young English Learners.
Advisor(s): Martha Bigelow and Lori Helman

 Kaicheng Shi

Materials Science and Engineering
Probing Dark Exciton Transport in Organic Semiconductors
Advisor(s): Russell Holmes   

Robin Sifre

Child Psychology
Brain Development and Attention Coordination in Infancy
Advisor(s): Jed Elison and Dan Berry  

Karthik Srinivasan

Electrical Engineering
Magneto-Optic Isolators - The Missing-Link in Integrated Photonics
Advisor(s): Bethanie Stadler 

Anna Stadelman

Development and external validation of a clinical prediction tool for the diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis
Advisor(s): David Boulware and Claudia Munoz-Zanzi 

Caitlin Taborda-Whitt

“The Gift that Pays? Money, Morals, and Bodies in the Plasma Fractionation Market”
Advisor(s): Penny Edgell and Kathy Hull   

Matthew Tchepikova-Treon

American Studies
"X-Rated Sound: Exploitation Cinema & One Hundred Years of 1972"
Advisor(s): Maggie Hennefeld    

Yi Hui Tee

Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Resolving the Dynamics of Particles in Turbulent Wall-Bounded Flow
Advisor(s): Ellen Longmire 

Anh Tran

Migration or Overwintering? Investigating the Cold Survival Strategy of an Invasive Pest Species
Advisor(s): Sujaya Rao and Mary Rogers

Dao Tran

Social and Administrative Pharmacy
Impact of Concurrent Antibiotic Use on Effectiveness of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Patients with Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Advisor(s): David Stenehjem   

Elisah VandenBussche

Chemical Engineering
Non-Equilibrium Energy Transport Studied Using Ultrafast Electron Microscopy
Advisor(s): David Flannigan    

Nicolaas VanMeerten

Educational Psychology
A Game-Based Solution to the Lack of Training and Assessment Opportunities for Spatial Reasoning
Advisor(s): Keisha Varma    

German Vargas Gutierrez

Plant Biological Sciences
The role of functional traits in tropical dry forest drought tolerance across ecological and temporal scales
Advisor(s): Jennifer Powers 

Cody Walters

Representational dynamics underlying risky decision-making
Advisor(s): A. David Redish

Pu Wang

Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
Exploring the coexistence of unicellular and multicellular life
Advisor(s): Michael Travisano 

Heng Wang

Mechanical Engineering
Electromagnetic Position Estimation Using High-Permeability Materials: Design, Modelling, and applications
Advisor(s): Rajesh Rajamani     

Ya-Feng Wen

Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology
Reducing Health Disparities in Cardiovascular Diseases through Individualized Approaches
Advisor(s): Robert Straka   

Emily Willoughby

Tracing cases and consequences of human intelligence through genetic and cognitive data
Advisor(s): James Lee and Matt McGue

Yiming Wu

The interplay between superconductivity and non-Fermi liquid in quantum ctritical metals
Advisor(s): Andrey Chubukov

Masoud Zabihi

Electrical Engineering
In-Memory Processing Using Spintronic Computational RAM (CRAM)
Advisor(s): Sachin Sapatnekar    

Jingchen Zhang

Family Social Science
Parenting gets under the skin: Impact of a parenting intervention on parent-child physiological co-regulation in military families
Advisor(s): Abigail Gewirtz   

Rachel Zmora

Mortality and Cause of Death Following Pediatric Cardiac Surgery for Congenital Heart Defects
Advisor(s): Kamakshi Lakshminarayan