07. 01. 2020

Grad School launches Faculty Fighting Racism, a resource for U faculty

Screenshot of Faculty Fighting Racism site

Graduate students, staff, and faculty from all backgrounds are calling for change - real change - in addressing racism and injustice. Many want to engage in meaningful anti-racism work, but may not know how to talk about these issues or how to take action. The Graduate School Diversity Consultation Team has launched Faculty Fighting Racism, an online, curated set of books, articles, videos, and podcasts for graduate faculty intended to serve as a first step in understanding what it means to be anti-racist. The website will be updated regularly with new content.

"The kind of change that we are all seeking is difficult and takes courage and dedication. The slow, painful, and uncomfortable process of self-work, self-awareness, and self-reflection may require unlearning what we have known to be true our entire lives and learning anew about realities we never thought possible."

- Yoji Shimizu, Graduate Associate Dean and Director of the Graduate School Diversity Office