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Slate Query Conversion (October 2020)

Slate queries will be converted to a new format.

GRE Test Scores (September 2020)

Find out how test scores will appear to applicants, and your options for masking them from reviewers.

Request Access & Training

Slate Training

Find information and register for Slate training.

Reader Access for Reviewers

Request access for faculty and other reviewers.

GPC Training Powerpoint

Review the PowerPoint slides used in Introductory Slate Training.

Search Records

Find a List of Records by ID Number 

Create a query to search for a list of records by ID number.

Common Fields for Filters & Exports

Common application fields for use in exports or queries

Create a New Prospect Record

Create a Slate record for a prospective student

Working with Applications

Add Materials to an Application

Add materials to an application that has already been submitted.

Checking Requirements/Testing the Application

See what your applicants are required to submit and see the application from their perspective.

Waiving Application Requirements

Allow applicants to submit without providing required materials, recommendations or question responses

Material Types & Descriptions

List of material names and descriptions for use when uploading additional/new materials.

Work with Letters of Recommendation

Re-notify, waive, unsubmit, or upload letters of recommendation.

Change Term/Program (pre-decision)

Change the term and/or degree program when the application is under review and no decision has been made.

Download Application PDFs

Download a PDF of application(s) individually or in batches


Emailing an Individual within Slate

Email a student directly from their Slate record

Attach an Email to a Slate Record

Add an email sent externally (e.g. from your gmail account) to an existing Slate record

Timeline Navigation & Adding Interactions

View the Timeline and add an Interaction to a Slate record.


Basic Reader Navigation

View applications, complete Reader Forms, and move applications through Bins.

Reader Navigation

Alternate Reader navigation tutorial (from Slate)

View-Only Navigation

Read applications in Slate without submitting a review form.

Move a Group of Applications to a New Bin

Learn how to move applications through Reader in batch.  

Assign/Remove Applications in Queues

How to assign one or more applications to one or more readers’ queues; or to clear reader queues.

Exclude GRE Test Scores

How to mask test scores from reviewers.


Submit a Deny or a Withdraw Application Decision

Notify Grad Admissions Office of your program's DENY or WITHDRAW APPLICATION decision.

Submit an Admit Decision

Using the Appraisal Form, submit your program’s ADMIT decision to the Grad Admissions Office for processing.

Updating Term/Program for Admitted Applicants

Update an ADMIT.

Changing a Decision

Make other decision changes after a decision has been released.

Application Fees

Paying Application Fees with a PCard

Pay the fee on behalf of an applicant using a PCard or other credit card. 

Paying Application Fees Using EFS

Pay the fee on behalf of an applicant using EFS


Slate Query Conversion 

Beginning October 2020, Slate queries will be converted to a new format.

Query/Export: Basic Navigation

Learn the basics of using Queries & Exports.

Common Fields for Filters & Exports

Common application fields for use in exports or queries 

Archived Presentations

2019 Annual Updates Slides (PDF)

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