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Assess Your Skills

To identify academic and professional goals in your Individual Development Plan, you must first assess your skills. 

Why do we call them "transferable" skills? 

  • They are skills that realistically reflect your strengths, abilities, and gaps no matter your field of study. 
  • They correlate with competencies your future employers are looking for on a CV and/or resume.
  • They are integral to every phase of your academic and professional development. 

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Communication as a Broad Objective

Skillfully express, transmit, and interpret knowledge and ideas.

Specific Skills

  • Communicate across cultural backgrounds
  • Communicate to a wide audience
  • Communicate to a non-specialist audience
  • Speak effectively
  • Write concisely
  • Listen attentively
  • Express ideas
  • Facilitate group discussion
  • Provide appropriate feedback
  • Negotiate
  • Perceive nonverbal messages
  • Persuade
  • Report information
  • Describe feelings
  • Interview
  • Edit

Research & Planning

Research & Planning as a Broad Objective

Successfully search for specific knowledge and conceptualize future needs and solutions.

Specific Skills

  • Forecast, predict
  • Create ideas
  • Identify problems
  • Imagine alternatives
  • Identify resources
  • Gather information
  • Solve problems
  • Set goals
  • Extract information
  • Define needs
  • Analyze
  • Develop evaluation strategies

Human Relations

Human Relations as a Broad Objective

Use interpersonal skills to resolve conflict, relate to, and help people.

Specific Skills

  • Develop rapport
  • Be sensitive
  • Listen
  • Convey feelings
  • Provide support for others
  • Motivate
  • Share credit
  • Counsel
  • Cooperate
  • Delegate with respect
  • Represent others
  • Perceive feelings, situations
  • Assert

Management & Leadership

Management & Leadership as a Broad Objective

Supervise, direct, and guide individuals and groups to complete tasks and fulfill goals.

Specific Skills

  • Initiate new ideas
  • Handle details
  • Coordinate tasks
  • Manage groups
  • Delegate responsibility
  • Teach
  • Coach
  • Counsel
  • Promote change
  • Sell ideas or products
  • Make decisions with others
  • Manage conflict

Work Survival

Work Survival as a Broad Objective

Use day-to-day skills to promote productivity and work satisfaction.

Specific Skills

  • Implement decisions
  • Cooperate
  • Enforce policies
  • Be punctual
  • Manage time
  • Attend to detail
  • Meet goals
  • Enlist help
  • Accept responsibility
  • Set and meet deadlines
  • Organize
  • Make decisions

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This Transferable Skills Checklist was first developed by the University of Minnesota Duluth's Career & Internship Services.